What I'm Doing Now

I'm living in Canberra, Australia with Ashley and our senior greyhound, Ollie.  

It's the Year of Movement and Connection.

I offer online nutrition coaching

I'm training movement at Praksis and Elements. I've got some specific things I'm working on at the moment: 

  • gymnastics ring skills

  • Capoeira-style movement

  • full back bridge (achieved but working to make it better)

  • one arm chin up

  • press to handstand

  • spinal mobility

I'm working with Colere Group as an Associate. 

I am a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach.

  • I completed my Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification in early 2018.

  • I completed my Precision Nutrition Level 2 in April 2019. 

I'm excited to share everything I've learned and spend time coaching people. Further to my career so far in agriculture research and development, I want to work more closely with the humans who eat all that food created by agriculture. For years I have obsessed over what eating means, why it's important, what I love about it, and how it effects my body. This feels like the next step to my education. 

I'm still getting a lot of value out of practicing mindfulness each day through mediation and various breathing exercises.

I'm struggling to write more consistently on this website, which is ostensibly about philosophy. I have been using it as a place to share my answers to the basic philosophical questions through the lens of geekery, my love of eating, and genuine curiosity about the world. 

What should we do?
What is there?
How do we know?

I'm still not a doctor and I definitely don't play one on the Internet.




Movement X Seminar, Melbourne February 2018
Gymnastics Bodies Foundation 1 Seminar November 2017
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Sustainability ANU 2011


Here are the values I live by. I work on these every day to make sure I'm in line with them and always checking in to make sure they're in line with me. 

  • Love deeply and honestly.

  • Enjoy being in my body and mind.

  • Give enough fucks.

  • Inquisitive and life-long learning.

  • Create connections for people to learn what makes them human.

  • Improve the experience.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos on Tomthings.com I took myself. Please don't take them without asking me. 


Unless otherwise stated, all photos on Tomthings.com I took myself. Please don't take them without asking me. 

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