Jon Berghoff's Best Time Management Secrets

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Jon Berghoff Bio:

Started direct sales in 1999 – Became the youngest and fastest ever inducted into the Vector Hall of Fame.  Inducted by the age of 21.

5 weeks into the business, broke the national push record, selling 26,151, while still in high school.

#1 new rep in the nation in 1999.

#1 Silver Cup Champion in 1000. 

In 2000, broke over 16 National records, including biggest campaign - $127K – Biggest month, $70K – biggest Push, $69,000 – and biggest week $40,000.

Jon was known for his HUGE push periods, but also for incredible consistency.  
    While a senior in high school – 11 weeks in a row over $4K

    First semester in college – 10 weeks in a row over $6K.

Jon is known for his understanding of what it takes to perform at a peak level.  He truly lives this out in his life as well.  

As An Example: 
Jon runs ultramarathons, last year, he ran a 100 mile ultra marathon through     the Shenandoah Mountains, in 100 degree heat, 27 hours consecutively     without stopping.  

in 2009, he ran 335 miles straight! 

Find out how he manages his time in this exclusive audio!