Move it or Lose it!

I love this piece my sister wrote for the Emerging Writers Festival back in February.

Soph is talking about the connection between exercise and writing.

Thoughts and emotions, like a bottle of acid, are useful when applied appropriately, but destructive (and painful!) when they’re applied inappropriately.

I've been thinking about how this applies to song writing. Some of my favourite songs are written in times of great turmoil for the artist. Maybe they've just broken up a long terms relationship, or maybe a loved on has just died. My friend sometimes writes songs about shitty days he has. And I've written some of my best songs in times of turmoil. I'd say these things are an example of applying the 'bottle of acid' appropriately.

But what about those times when you don't seem to have a bottle of acid handy? I, like many before me, have often wondered why it is so much harder for me to write great songs when I'm happy. I wonder why the 'good' emotions don't seem to be as easy to apply to creative tasks. This might be a little morbid, but maybe it's because the 'good' emotions don't hurt when you apply them inappropriately.