Riff week

This week is riff week.

During my self-proclaimed riff week I’m going to record a new riff every single day and post it on theTomthing.com under sound.

That means rain or shine, you’ll see a riff or song snippet every day for a week from today. They'll probably all be played on my acoustic guitar recorded with my computer's built in microphone and the free Audacity.


This mini project is an experiment on creativity . It’s not about posting great riffs, it’s about posting riffs. Some of these will be bad, some will be good and most will be in between.

That’s the point.

It's very difficult for a person to come up with only good ideas - you have to have bad ones too. Problem is, if the goal is posting great riffs, then creativity is stifled because I'm judging all my ideas before I've even had a chance to really have them!

Part of this is about removing the excuses I've thought up over the years meaning that I don't have to record.

  • I don't have recording software
  • My equipment isn't good enough
  • I don't have the technicial expertise to make it sound good
  • People will laugh at my crap guitar playing

When the point is to send out a new riff or idea every day for a week none of that matters. It feels liberating!

If you've been holding back, you should try it.

All the riffs in Riff Week are free to download and use in any way you wish.

Got a minute?