Feast your ears on this

A friend of mine shared this clip with me a few weeks ago after we discussed our love of the blues. I was surprised that he was recommending a John Mayer song, but pleasantly surprised when I had a listen. This is a great video, and it's got me thinking about blues. 

I've played guitar since 2001. I was in my first year of high school, and had the pleasure of being taught by a blues guitarist Robin Yeatman. By the time I stopped doing lessons with him, we were regularly having blues jams spanning much longer than the lessons my parents were paying for. In particular I remember one time when Robin and I were jamming so long that there were two kids waiting for their lesson by the time we finished. Oops! 

I love all sorts of music, but blues is particularly special for me. It's the base from which I'm able to interpret other music because it's the first music that I understood.