Scrivener for iOS coming soon

Some good news on the Scrivener for iOS front.

The good news is that our iOS version is (at last!) feature-complete and is currently in internal beta-testing.

Scrivener is one of those apps that I love the idea of. I have started so many projects in Scrivener, but never finished one. I've done crazy things like trying to use it to help me create the class diagrams for the app I'm developing. I've tried using it to help me write 'Potential Investment' papers for my day job. I've tried using it for those longer blog posts that never quite make it onto my site. I love using the app, but I can't say I've really done anything with it.

Having Scrivener on iOS could change that. I use my iPad a lot to write. I use it constantly for my day job (like Federico). All of the creative work I do for my day job is done on my iOS devices these days, so not having Scrivener there has hampered its utility for me in that space. The more I think about it, the more I think that creative work in general is done on an iOS device for me. My Mac is an important part of the workflow, but I just don't do the creative work there.

I don't want to say that the lack of Scrivener has stopped me from being creative. Not at all. It's just that I am creative in other apps instead. I'm excited to see what the addition of Scrivener will do to my workflow.

Right now I'm using Ulysses for this type of work. I love using Ulysses, but in practice it really doesn't feel that different to using any other text editor on my iPad. It's not getting it the way of my creativity, but it doesn't seem to add to it.

I'm still not convinced that Scrivener will "add to my creativity" either. But I keep finding myself checking to see if it's out on iOS every few weeks. I think that's because I know that iOS is where I'm creative, and because of that the Scrivener Mac app never had a chance to help me do my creative work.

Given past debacles, Iā€™m hesitant to talk about release dates, but we expect a summer release, though whether mid or late summer will depend on what is thrown up during beta-testing, of course.

They haven't announced a release date yet, but I'm guessing by the time it's Spring (for Australia), I'll have my hands on the app. Maybe I'll write a review.