Starting Things

Here’s a list of some things I did today:

  • Went for a run with a friend. I never go for runs.
  • Cleaned the mould off the bedroom wall that has been growing there as a result of Ash and I rarely being able to open up the house during the winter.
  • Spent a few hours this morning hanging out with Ash
  • Had lunch with a friend at Chez Frederick in Braddon
  • Did some Muay Thai training
  • Spent 20 minutes on the phone with someone who is helping me find a new job after recently leaving my job.
  • Read through some documentation on some programming language stuff I’m learning
  • Cooked my breakfast beans for the week
  • Cleared my old job out of my task management system
  • Watched The Terminator.
  • Worked out, just barely including some hand stand push ups (I’ve been aiming for that for a while now)
  • I sent my resume to another recruitment agent.

Today was a day full of first steps. I started some Muay Thai training that might never go anywhere. But who knows, maybe I’ll love it and end up deeply involved in Muay Thai in the next few months. I finally did my first wobbly hand stand push up after a month or so of practice. I sent out my resume to another recruitment agent. I started up a relationship with someone who can help coach me through the process of looking for a new job.

I’m writing this because in the last few weeks I’ve noticed that my appetite for starting new things has increased. I’ve become increasingly aware of the fact that despite being terrible when first starting something, one generally gets exponentially better at it just by continuing to show up for a few weeks. In particular I’ve noticed that with physical training. The main thing I’ve gleaned from this observation is that I’m never going to get good at anything unless I start by being terrible at it. I’m starting to lose my fear of being bad at things.

Since today was my first work day after being made redundant at my old job; I made a particular effort to notice the things that were either ‘firsts’ for me[1], or things some way down the path[2]. Having reached the end of the day and looked at my list, I feel as though I accomplished a whole lot today. It’s a little weird, because there’s nothing that I finished today. Not one thing. But that’s the whole point of this - I’m making a little progress every single day, even if it’s just the tiny first step.

  1. like the spontaneous Muay Thai training.  ↩

  2. the hand stand push ups I’ve been working on for at least a month.  ↩