Rest and Movement

I’m changing how I do things around here. Each month I will be working on a theme. Since I’m here to help integrate philosophy, eating, movement and a little geekery, I’ll be working through those aspects each week within the theme. I’m going to write here more often, but the posts will tend to be a little shorter than they have been. This will evolve as I go along, so I’m not going to explain much more in the hope that we’ll all figure it out together as I go along.

Rest and Movement

I’m on the bus on the way home from a Gymnastics Bodies Seminar. I’m bone tired but feeling good. This week is also the beginning of a new block of training in my standard schedule, so I expect to be very tired by the end of the week. A week of learning completely new movements will take it out of me. It’ll be a good week to focus strongly on rest even though I’m going to be working really hard.

So this month’s theme will be rest! It’ll be a short month since I’m starting a couple of weeks in so lets just roll with it.

Training and exercise is stressor on your body. The stress breaks down your body and signals it to improve. This improvement occurs during rest. But your body is lazy (you could say ‘efficient’) and doesn’t want to do anything it doesn’t have to do. You’re always looking for ways to make things easier, ways to avoid stress.

As I sit here, tired and sore from a huge amount of exercise, learning, and socialising; I’m looking forward to a stress-free rest day tomorrow. I knowingly walked into a very stressful situation this weekend, which is only possible because I know I can rest for a few days afterwards.

Embrace the rest in your life. Use rest to move more.