Starting this weekend, I'm teaching a couple of new classes at Praksis :)

The first is a beginners class (4pm-5pm). I'll share some introductory strength, mobility, handbalancing and locomotive work in these classes.

ANYONE is welcome to attend. But don't think that's not the case for any other class at Praksis - all are welcome at all classes. Even if you're not a beginner (but remember: we're all beginners), you're welcome to come along and get some extra practice in.

But there is a specific purpose for the beginners class: to offer a dedicated time for people who don't think they're 'ready' for Praksis yet to come and try it out.

Please share this around with the people you know who are interested in coming along but have been too afraid, busy, self-conscious, etc etc etc.

The second is a mobility class (5pm-6pm) immediately following the Sunday beginners class.

A good chance to round out the weekend with a bit of movement.

These classes will run as a trial for the next four weeks and, if they're popular, I hope they'll be added to the schedule permanently.