Ask Hard Questions

Humans have done everything possible to reduce stress for hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe you don't believe me, but we got really good at it. Sure we find ways to be stressed now, but that's part of my theory here.

We had a goal to minimise suffering. It's a good goal. Something is stressful, so we respond with our biology to adapt to it.

Problem is we developed a biological system that is optimised when stressed and stressed in a variety of different ways. Acute stress (think running, a brief cold shower etc) is alright - we adapt to that sort of stress.

But chronic stress problems are fucking awful for us. Never getting a chance to adapt.

In a way, you have to manufacture discomfort and suffering so that you can have a well working biological system. Your biology needs you to ask it hard questions. It's job is to try to make those hard questions easy and comfortable.

If you never ask hard questions, only asking your body easy, comfortable things, it has nothing to respond to. And you suffer as your body becomes less capable of providing you comfort.

To reclaim your health you have to choose your suffering. Make the choice to be uncomfortable sometimes so that your body doesn't become incapable of comfort.

The good thing about this choice is that you get to make it.