Change the World

Today I performed my first press handstand. There's a lot of room for improvement still but I'm proud of it.

Not long ago something like this was well and truly out of my reach. I wouldn't believe it myself if it weren't on video.

For the past 18 months I've been working with slow, generous, and persistent drips of effort to be able to perform this nine second feat.

Slow because rushing anything isn't really worth it.

Generous because it takes generosity to others and yourself to give the effort and time required.

Persistent as in long lasting, not as in annoyingly over the top. Consistent might be a better word, but persistence captures the act of coming back again and again through failure.

Drips because it takes a whole lot of effort applied in tiny drips.

I don't want to seem too grandiose about my new skill (that can be performed much better by many people!), but I'm struck by how this applies to the world at large.

The world is changed in the same way: slow, generous, persistent drips.