How 1% Better Beats the Perfection Gremlin

There's a gremlin living inside your mind.

It's the gremlin that tells you unless you can be perfect, it's not worth doing!

It says "you've already messed up today, you may as well give up!"

It's quite persuasive.

So you say "fuck it!"

This is the perfection gremlin! The gremlin starts from perfect (100%) and works backwards. You get 90% in a test, and it asks you "what happened to the other 10?"

Today, try something different. Try starting from 0% and adding to that.

Try being just 1% better every day.

You don't have to be perfect. Not even close to perfect.

Just 1% better is still better. And 1% every day adds up really fast.

The gremlin won't know what hit it.