New habits

Habits have been a focus in my life since 2015. Sure, my habits have shaped my life since the beginning, but I didn't really notice until 2015.

Since then, I've used increasingly sophisticated ways of changing habits to make big changes in my life. My experience of body, mind, and relationships have significantly changed since then. I've even started a nutrition coaching business that helps people eat, live, and move better by harnessing habit change.

I just finished reading James Clear's new book Atomic Habits. I've read nearly everything James has written on his blog over the years, but, even so, this book lit a fire for me. It pointed out some ways I can use 'Atomic Habits' to do the things I've been saying I want to do, but failing to execute.

There are two things I've been trying to do for years - start a podcast and write regularly on this blog.

So, today I make that commitment - I will be creating a short daily thoughts podcast and posting a daily blog here. In the interest of making these habits easy, they will be short and publishable from my iPhone. The podcast will start its life on Anchor, though I expect that will change over time.

I don't quite know what shape this will take, right now it's a study in the power of habits. Wish me luck!