The Practice of Inaction

It has been one week since I started this project of publishing every day. I've published eight podcast episodes and eight blog posts (if you include this one).

That's nearly as many as I've published all year, in a week.

Sure, they're a different kind of writing, but my problem hasn't been writing. It has been getting over the hump of publishing.

So, each one has been an experiment. Me trying something out, seeing if it works. The project overall is an experiment designed to find out how I can put things out in the world in a way that works for me and hopefully helps you along the way.

I don't intend on publishing every day forever. I'm committed to at least a month of this, maybe more.

What's interesting is that I'm already learning something useful about myself. I'm picking up things in my writing style I'd like to change. I've seen and had to face some habits of thought that have stopped me publishing in the past.

I'm getting in the habit of facing them and publishing anyway instead of my practice of NOT publishing.

Funny how you practice NOT doing things all the time.

All those patterns of thought and emotions are well practiced paths to inaction.

The first step is to notice them.