Mow in your Sunday best

I bought a push lawn mower on the weekend. You know the ones - Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders once had a bet about mini golf that involved mowing the lawn in a Sunday dress.

Mow in a Sunday dress

It worked really well for my small lawn. My friend Rowan tells me that so long as I give the lawn a quick mow each week, it'll do a better job than a petrol mower would.

Soon, I'll have a great lawn

Starting another food blog

“What? Why on earth would you start another blog??” I hear you saying.

Exactly this is what the Tom thing is all about. Too often we find reasons to not do things. We come up with excuses like 'everyone does that' or let other peoples eye rolling at the thought of another hipsterish food blog to stop us from doing what we want to do. Yes, I'll admit it - occasionally this kind of self censoring can be a good thing. But there's a difference between not doing something because it's a bad idea and not doing something that could achieve something because of fear.