How to Start Getting Control over what you Eat

If you feel like your eating is out of control, let's talk about how you can get that feeling of control back.

First, try doing this exercise:

Draw three concentric circles. Label the smallest circle "total control", the middle circle "some control, and the outer circle "no control".

Start filling the diagram you've drawn in.

  • What in your life and eating do you have total control over?
  • What do you have some control over?
  • What do you have no control over?
Image from Precision Nutrition.  

Image from Precision Nutrition.  

Review what you've done. Ask yourself "how do I know I have total, some, or no control over this?" Test your evidence for each one.

Are you absolutely sure you have total control over your feelings?

And no control over your work schedule? None? How do you know for sure?

Make sure each item holds up to critical scrutiny. Then look at your diagram and see where you've allocated everything.

1. Highlight the items under total control.

Be the boss of these things! Go out there and do it - deliberately control the things you can control.

2. Think about the things under 'some' control.

Is there anything there that could move into the total control sphere? What would you have to do to move it? What pushes these things out into the no control sphere? Do you need to control these? Just think about them.

3. Let go of the things under 'no control'.

You have no control over these things! All you can do is manage and dynamically respond to these, using the things you can control from the other spheres. Let go of the things you can't control.

As you probably realise, we often have a strong desire to control that third category. How much frustration comes from that?

Feeling like you don't have control over something is tremendously disempowering.

Feeling like you do have control over something that you don't is also problematic.

The key here is understanding the realities of what is and isn't under your control.

Let me know how you go with this exercise, I hope it helps.