Generation Y Are Unhappy

This article describes something that makes sense when you mash a large group of people together. But it doesn't really fit with any one individual that I know.

And this idea of Facebook image crafting being new is crazy. Sure, the medium by which we are developing that desirable image is different, but this has been going on a LOT longer than Facebook has been around.

Generalisations piss me off.

A refreshing article about coffee

I love coffee. I discovered it after a trip to Melbourne a few years ago. Now I can't help but want to drink it all the time. 

Problem is, "coffee is bad for you because X" is a fairly common thing to hear around the place. I've already publicly admitted that I'm a caffeine addict, but I'm pretty convinced that's not why I'm drinking coffee. It's because I love the flavours and the hunt for that great coffee. It's a lot of wank really, but that's okay. 

That's why I enjoyed this article - it's a nice break from all that bad news!