Things That are Good About Using a Large Glass Jar to Drink Water From

  • The water tastes pretty good.   
  • People ask me about the jar.  
  • It has a handy lid.  
  • The jar is large, so I never go thirsty.  
  • I'm re-using the jar rather than throwing it in the recycling bin.  
  • Other items can be carried in the jar.

Things that are bad about using a large glass jar as a drink bottle:

  • It could break easily (but hasn't yet!). 
  • Sometimes I spill water while drinking because the lip isn't made for drinking from.  
  • Its heavy both because it carries more water and because of the glass.  

Things I Like About Maiden Hair Ferns

  1. The transparent leaves
  2. The contrast between the dark brown/black colour of the stem and the leaves.
  3. The way the leaves unfurl
  4. They’re so delicate, yet somehow hardy. A good example of a resilient plant vs. a resistant plant. [1]

  1. If a maiden hair fern dies off, you shouldn’t classify it dead until there has been no new growth for 18 months. You can help start it growing again by: 1. Burning it 2. Cutting back all the fronds to a stubble 3. If in a pot, submerging the pot in a bucket of water until bubbles stop. This indicates that the soil is saturated.  ↩

Things on my Desk Right Now

    - container used to fill a steam iron with water
    - a glass jar full of water
    - a tape measure
    - pens
    - two computers
    - speakers
    - a small stone
    - a maidenhair fern
    - a fish bowl filled only with water
    - iPhone charger
    - iPhone
    - three computer mice
    - glasses
    - a used handkerchief
    - DermAid
    - a microphone stand (with microphone)
    - headphones
    - notebook
    - a teaspoon