Creativity and Websites

I've spent a fair bit of time over the last year and a half being 'creatively blocked' which has been incredibly frustrating. I've had little bursts here and there where something has come out, but haven't been able to work out why or how to get it to happen again. Pretty familiar problem for a lot of people I'd say.

In the past few days I have been thinking a lot about websites and how they have played into my creativity.


I have a new website called "thetomthing" which is meant to be a website about the things I do. The idea of it is that it is a place where anything I creatively goes, and in that way it is almost like an extended portfolio.

However, I have been having trouble working out what this means for me. Is it just a place where I get to blatantly self publish and put whatever crap I want up on the internet for no particular reason?

Maybe it is.

But is that such a bad thing? Is it really such a bad thing?

What if I promise myself that I will learn from the mistakes that I make, and allow my work to be proof read by 'the internet'?

What if self publishing in this case could be a way for me to get better at what I do creatively? I don't want it to be a way for me to sit at home and feel like a published author of things without having to do all the stuff that proper published authors of things do to get published.

But this all raises the question - where does fit into this? What is the point of if I am using thetomthing to publish my things?

The fact is - I don't really know. Maybe they should be one and the same?

I'd really like to keep as a Wordpress website because I enjoy playing with the coding and all that stuff (sometimes). But I didn't want my 'things' website to be a place where I had to play with code just to get a thing up. That's why I created thetomthing. But how can I be prolific enough that I have enough content for both websites? And even if I did have enough content for both websites, what would make me choose one website over another for the publishing of any particular thing?

I think the issue here is a lack of clarity around what is as opposed to knowing what thetomthing is.

It's almost as though is one of the things I do, but I haven't been able to define what it is as a thing. Hopefully I'll be able to work that out.